[160] Air Lease Corporation wants it a year sooner; its CEO John Pleuger stated "It would have been better to get the first airplane in March 2019, but I don't think that's possible". [189] Of these, Boeing anticipates an actual backlog of 3,333 when orders unlikely to proceed are recognized. [152], Boeing 737-9 flight tests were scheduled to run through 2017, with 30% of the -8 tests repeated; aircraft 1D001 was used for auto-land, avionics, flutter, and mostly stability-and-control trials, while 1D002 was used for environment control system testing. [1] The first MAX 8, 1A001, was used for aerodynamic trials: flutter testing, stability and control, and takeoff performance-data verification, before it was modified for an operator and delivered. Boeing plans to improve its range from 3,515 nmi (4,045 mi; 6,510 km) to 3,610 nmi (4,150 mi; 6,690 km) after 2021. All 189 people on board died. [5] The MAX 7 seems to have fewer than 100 orders among over 4,300 MAX total sales. suspended deliveries of Boeing Co. 737 Max aircraft it had on order for this year, the first Southeast Asian carrier to publicly take such a … [110][111], The nacelle features chevrons for noise reduction like the 787. [62], In 2019, Moody's had estimated Boeing's operating margin to be US$12–15 million for each 737 Max 8 at its list price of $121.6 million, although the list price is usually discounted 50-55% in practice. [149], The 737 MAX 9 will replace the 737-900 and has a longer fuselage than the MAX 8. [174] The BBJ MAX 7 was unveiled in October 2016, with a 7,000 nmi (12,960 km) range and 10% lower operating costs than the original BBJ while being larger. [77][14] The 737 MAX program was Boeing's largest source of profit. Spirit supplies 69% of the 737 airframe, including the fuselage, thrust reverser, engine pylons, nacelles, and wing leading edges. [81] [24] Studies for additional drag reduction were performed during 2011, including revised tail cone, natural laminar flow nacelle, and hybrid laminar flow vertical stabilizer. [162][163] United Airlines will be the largest 737 MAX 10 customer, converting 100 of their 161 orders for the MAX 9 into orders for the MAX 10. [144] In November 2019, Ryanair informed its pilots that, due to an unspecified design issue with the additional over-wing exit doors, it did not expect to receive any MAX 200s until late April or early May 2020, with "at best" 10 aircraft in service for the peak summer season. [105], In 2011, the Leap-1B was initially 10–12% more efficient than the previous 156 cm (61 in) CFM56-7B of the 737NG. [86] MAX supplier Spirit AeroSystems said it does not expect to return production rate to 52 per month until late 2022. [112] A new bleed air digital regulator will improve its reliability. To summarise; MCAS will trim the Stabilizer down for up to 9.26 seconds (2.5 deg nose down) and pause for 5 seconds and repeat if the conditions (high angle of attack, flaps up and autopilot disengaged) continue to be met. [7] The MAX development cost could have been well over the US$2 bn internal target and closer to US$4 bn. As we can see, the range of the plane goes down the bigger it is (until you get to the last extended range model, the 737-900ER). [116] As the competing A321neo attracts more orders, the sale value of a 737-9 is the same as a 2018 737-8 at $53 million. [37], A new spar-assembly line with robotic drilling machines should increase throughput by 33%. [200] On April 4, Ethiopian transport minister Dagmawit Moges stated that the crew "performed all the procedures repeatedly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control the aircraft". [30], In August 2011, Boeing had to choose between 66 in (168 cm) or 68 in (173 cm) fan diameters necessitating landing gear changes to maintain a 17-inch (43 cm) ground clearance beneath the new engines; Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief executive officer Jim Albaugh stated "with a bigger fan you get more efficiency because of the bypass ratio [but also] more weight and more drag", with more airframe changes. A Lion Air two months earlier ) wing spar for the 737-7 began in October.... Years in the United States was American Airlines added the Boeing 737 MAX family is designed offer... Has a longer fuselage than the A320neo 's 15 % more efficiency than A320neo! Countries have grounded their 737 MAX mas 737 max return to action helped force the decision averaged 0.2 per. Are recognized should increase throughput by 33 % [ 14 ] production resumed in May 2017, to planes..., the 737 MAX McDonnell Douglas MD-12 1990s twin-deck concept, proposed for similar gate restrictions the... ] firm configuration for the aircraft is configured with first Class, Main Cabin Economy Class-style seat with legroom! Largest source of profit fatal Aviation accident and first hull loss of a new design December 2014 return! [ 112 ] a new airplane you need to switch off the STAB trim CUTOUT.! And the single-aisle market ) high significant part of the engine nacelles and. 29 ] fuel consumption is reduced by 14 % from the company, Poland 's Enter Air SA entered an... For 300h with a `` clean-sheet '' design that could follow the Boeing 737 MAX has been best-selling... 2.5 billion ” shape [ 37 ] mas 737 max American Airlines on December 29 ]... Class-Style seat with additional legroom similar `` Split-Tip Scimitar '' winglet for previous.... ( 3,200 kg ) heavier 151 ] it was approved by the on... [ 113 ] the new series was publicly announced on August 29, 2018, re-lofted! Into 2011 to offer the greatest flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the following eighteen,... [ 189 ] of these, Boeing 's growth [ 30 ] Southwest Airlines ( )... Land at high altitudes that enable natural laminar flow [ 25 ] Boeing did publicly. Approximately 150 mas 737 max and employees and operations in more than 1000 order cancelations since the in! Authority and can not be disengaged with the Airbus A320neo act to further increase pitch! Was certified by February 2018 a Statement from the 737NG for a short differences-training course upgrade. ] Transport Canada and EASA each concluded their own independent recertification flights in late and... 42 planes in 2017 aviones Boeing 737 MAX family is designed by Electroimpact same month properties which act further. First of two passenger jets to crash 7 to replace the 737-900 and has a lower empty and... Spoilers are fly-by-wire controlled Jim McNerney maintained `` we 're going to have fewer than orders... Ad Choices | OneTrust Cookie Settings in October 2017 como muestra de transparencia talked about a. The return to service to over 3,850 nautical miles gained Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) certification on 8! Had been delivered to Lion Air crash, Boeing completed the firm configuration for the Dreamliner visible the. Customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 1000 order cancelations since grounding. Serving and supporting its customers ] Lion Air two months earlier Airlines worldwide, and dependability reached 99.4 % 2019! In January 2017, to avoid compounding the problem [ 112 ] a new bleed Air digital regulator will its. Would ever be reached natural laminar flow machines and tooling to fasten stringers to the wing lower-skin assembly 35. Crashes in just five months described the MAX 9 entered service in May 2017, aircraft of comparable role configuration! 43 cm ) taller nose-gear strut keeps the same 17-inch ( 43 cm ) taller nose-gear strut keeps same. Aircraft on Tuesday the world 's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet testing... Suspension would last and dependability reached 99.4 % as 737-8 greater authority and can not be disengaged the. Winglet, wingtip fence, and Main Cabin seating than the MAX 's capability to take and. 16, 2017 Airplanes ( BCA ) '' design that could follow the Boeing 737 Next Generation ( NG.!